How to Send GIFs on WhatsApp

Dan Gold

Written by Dan

I use WhatsApp almost everyday to stay connected with my friends and family. I really like GIFs. A lot. I probably send at least 3-4 every day! Have you ever wanted to send a GIF on WhatsApp? Do you want to know how?

You have a few options to send your GIF. You can use the GIF keyboard that is integrated within WhatsApp or you can use your native keyboard on your phone.

How to send a GIF on the WhatsApp desktop app

I mostly use the WhatsApp desktop app when I am on my keyboard. I find it easier to type and it’s treated like any other chat program within my daily messages. With the desktop app, it’s easy to share files because you can easily drag them into the chat. However, when you want to send a GIF it’s not as easy.

WhatsApp doesn’t currently support sending a GIF as an attachment. You have to use the keyboard within the program. To open the GIF keyboard, press the 😄 face.

When you have the GIF keyboard open, you can search for the GIF of your choice and upload it intro WhatsApp.

How to send a GIF on the WhatsApp mobile app

Most phones have the ability to send and attach GIFs in their native chat program. iPhone’s have a GIF integration with iMessage and most Android phones come with Google’s GBoard. Specific to WhatsApp, you have the option of choosing the native keyboard or the WhatsApp keyboard when sending a GIF.

Last updated

December 28th, 2022